Palaces and castles in Emsland

From Clemenswerth to Dankern

Clemenswerth Hunting Lodge

The Baroque hunting lodge of Clemenswerth Palace in Sögel, with its central pavilion surrounded by eight smaller lodges for guests, is the only remaining star-shaped hunting complex in the world. The graceful 18th century buildings unite art and nature to create a wonderful experience. The museum has a wide range of fascinating exhibits, including pieces inspired by Baroque hunting, fine porcelain, and faience ware from Strasbourg. Numerous events take place here, making the most of the stunning setting provided by the castle grounds: a museum night, the ParkArt art fair, drag hunting and falconry days, and the “Kleines Fest im großen Park” (small fete in the grand park).
(For more information visit the Clemenswerth website.)

Altenkamp Manor in Emsland

Altenkamp Manor near Papenburg radiates grandeur, power and simplicity. Magnificent frescoes dating back to 1750, the impressive Baroque gardens and carefully curated art exhibitions make this manor house well worth visiting.
(For more information visit the Altenkamp Manor website.)

Dankern Castle

Haren (Ems) features three superb castles and manor houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. What makes these buildings so special is that all three are presently used as accommodation for visitors and tourists.
Dankern Castle is the centrepiece of one of Europe’s largest holiday parks. The magnificent water castle is surrounded by 700 holiday cottages and a wide choice of leisure and games facilities for all kinds of weather.

Düneburg Manor

Düneburg Manor is a paradise for golfing enthusiasts. The old manor house with a hotel and restaurant lies at the centre of an 18-hole tournament course. Directly adjacent is the spa resort “eve Resort” with its luxury holiday cottages.
(For more information visit the Düneburg Manor website.)

Landegge Manor

Landegge Manor (familotel) is a multiple award-winning riding and holiday resort. Visitors who experience its unique atmosphere for the first time tend to return time and time again.
(For more information visit the Landegge Manor website.)

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