Hanseatic city surrounded by a nature reserve

enlarge Cathedral of St. Peter in Osnabrück

Cathedral of St. Peter in Osnabrück
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Cathedral of St. Peter in Osnabrück

A brief history: In around 780, Karl the Great founded the Bishopric of Osnabrück at an intersection of established trading routes. In the Middle Ages the city developed into a thriving trading centre. In the 14th century it was already a leading member of the Hanseatic League – the most important alliance of trading cities in northern Europe at the time. Prior to this, the city had established the “Legge”, a special testing centre for the quality of Osnabrück cloths. The “Legge” seal with the Osnabrück wheel became a seal of quality for the world-famous linen known as “Osnaburgh”. During this period, the city established the foundations for its current position as an industrial centre and centre for the service industry. As a member of today’s “Städte Hanse” (Hanseatic Cities), Osnabrück organised the 26th International Hansetag (Hanseatic Day) in 2006.

The former trading routes have now been transformed into attractive shopping streets. “Osnabrück – hier ist alles drin” (“Osnabrück – we’ve got it all”) is the motto of 21st-century Osnabrück traders. As a shopping destination, Osnabrück is a treasure trove for bargain hunters and connoisseurs alike. The vibrant pedestrian area with its modern shopping centres is as much of a magnet for visitors as the pretty old streets of the Old Town, which are packed with galleries and artisan shops.

An insider tip is the Saturday market at the foot of the awe-inspiring St. Peter’s Cathedral. Far-reaching views over the city and the surrounding nature reserve can be enjoyed from the tower of the Marienkirche church.


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