Bound for Helmstedt

In the middle of the nature reserve Elm-Lappwald

enlarge Theatre in Helmstedt

Theatre in Helmstedt
© Stadt Helmstedt

Theatre in Helmstedt

The district town of Helmstedt, a city full of historic ambiance, is situated in the middle of the nature reserve Elm-Lappwald. Once holding the most important border crossing between the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany during the time of the German-German separation, Helmstedt now calls itself a “boundless” city. The round trip “boundless” (“Grenzenlos”) takes visitors on a journey through German-German history.
The former university is the centre of the city of Helmstedt. Together with the old-town's numerous professors' residences, this palace-like renaissance building called Juleum Novum invites visitors to a stroll around the city.
A new project called Lappwaldsee (Lappwald lake) is developing in Helmstedt/Harbke. Situated at the site of the former brown coal pits Helmstedt and Wulfersdorf, the Lappwaldsee will offer a unique recreational area for swimming and water sports. Tour-guides will take visitors on a hike around the former pit mines.


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