Nature parks in Lower Saxony

Discover, experience and get active – people and nature closely interlinked

There are 14 natural landscapes in Lower Saxony designated as nature parks.
In these areas, the flora and fauna are not the only focus. Nature parks are protected areas that invite people to explore, experience and get active. The link between people and nature is strong here. The motto is “protection through use”. In line with this, the nature parks are characterised by environmentally-friendly use of the land and by an extensive range of tourist services.

The options for visitors to Lower Saxony’s nature parks are therefore very diverse. Alongside experiences in the great outdoors, each region also has plenty of culture and history to discover.

Cycling across the heaths, pulling on your hiking boots in the Weserbergland hills, a gentle stroll at Steinhuder Meer, understanding the history of the Earth at Geopark TERRA.vita, a trip on the Moorbahn railway and much more… the nature parks in Lower Saxony have plenty to offer.

Boat trip on the Steinhuder Meer

Steinhuder Meer nature park

Northwest Germany's biggest lake

Large areas of forest and lakeside meadows turn the nature park with its scenic diversity into a recreation area of ... more

Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen international nature park

Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen international nature ...

Nature park international!

The Bourtanger Moor - Bagerveen Nature Park offers an absolutely unique ecosystem - the moor. more

Till Eulenspiegel walk

Elm-Lappwald nature park

Hilly country near Brunswick

The fertile loess depressions are characteristic for the landscape. more

Hutewald in nature park Münden

Münden nature park

Where Werra and Fulda are kissing

The Weser is formed by the confluence of the Werra and Fulda rivers. more

A family canoeing

Wildeshauser Geest nature park

The romantic river

The Wildeshauser Geest nature park is the largest nature park in Lower Saxony and, at 1,500 km2, is one of the largest in ... more

Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita

Between mountains and forest

A variety of different landscapes, whose diversity of shapes has its origins in the turbulent geological history of the ... more

Harz nature and geopark Harz

The wild home of lynx and grouse

The many activities on offer in the Harz mountains invite you to explore the landscape. more

In the round village Satemin

Elbhöhen-Wendland nature park

Where the countryside is broad and many villages ...

Around half of the 1,160 square kilometre area is a dedicated landscape or nature protection area more

Hiking on the Hohensteinklippen

Weserbergland and Solling Vogler nature parks

Nature in the south of Lower Saxony

The river Weser meanders through the landscape, creates exceptional views of diverse environments. more

Hiking in the Lüneburger Heide nature park

Lüneburger Heide and Südheide nature parks

The flowering heathland

The largest heathland region in Central Europe is located in Lower Saxony. more

Moorpadd- Mooradventurepath

Dümmer nature park

A variety of landscapes

The centre of the nature park is the second largest lake of in Lower Saxony: the Dümmer Lake. more

Naturpark Hümmling

Hümmling Nature Park

Idyllic landscape - Impressive culture

Rolling hills, extensive forests, valuable cultural heritage - the Hümmling Nature Park in Emsland has all this. more

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