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Rotenburg (Wümme)

enlarge the Bullensee in the the district of Rotenburg (Wümme)

the Bullensee in the the district of Rotenburg (Wümme)
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the Bullensee in the the district of Rotenburg (Wümme)

Delight in the unique landscape and intact nature of our HOLIDAY region and the sense of stillness and peace that emanates from this stretch of country shaped long ago during the Ice Age. Its many upland moors are a characteristic feature of Rotenburg (Wümme). Let the unforgettable sight of these moorlands shrouded in a gossamer veil of mist and morning dew enchant you.

Experience the mystery of the moors as you travel through Tister Bauernmoor on the "Moorbahn" train or by joining Huvi, the mischievous moorland goblin, on the Moorerlebnispfad trail across Huvenhoopsmoor or on the four "Moorerlebnis-Wanderwegen" hiking trails across Große und Weiße Moor.
A very special natural spectacle can be witnessed in spring and autumn when thousands of cranes come to our upland moors to rest before flying on to their summer or winter quarters. The twilight hours of dawn and dusk are the best times to watch the birds from our observation towers.

Interested in experiencing more untouched countryside? Our extensive woodlands are an open invitation to hikers. Also well worth a visit in late summer, when the juniper is in full bloom and the heath is transformed into a sea of purple-red flowers, are the Wolfsgrund, Hastedter Schnuckenheide and Vareler Wachholderheide heathlands.

If you like, you can also book a nature tour with one of our guides to explore the North German countryside in all its diversity.

Activities In, On and Around the Water

Where rivers meander through lush meadows and forests, and rare animal species – otter, grey wagtail, kingfisher and all manner of dragonflies – can be sighted at leisure from the bank or the water, then what you are encountering is pure, unadulterated nature!

Don’t miss out on this wonderful experience! Step into a canoe or a kayak and paddle up the Oste or Wümme. The canoe rental service will be happy to bring the boat to your starting point and pick it up again when your tour is over.

Do you know how peat once made its way out into the big, wide world? Book a trip on a peat barge and see for yourself how it was transported and at the same time learn a little bit about the life of the moorland farmers back in the olden days.

Several bathing lakes and open-air swimming pools complete the many watery attractions to be found in Rotenburg (Wümme). Switch off and unwind for a while as you take a refreshing dip. And even if the weather should be disappointing, it doesn’t necessarily mean your bathing holiday is down the swanny! There are plenty of indoor swimming baths, fun pools and recreational water worlds here to keep our water lovers happy.


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