Museums in Rotenburg (Wümme)

Take a Peek Behind the Historical Scenes

Only good for rainy days? Fine for culture, but not much fun? Neither of these common preconceptions about museums holds true in Rotenburg (Wümme). Our museums let you take active part in what’s going on, try your hand at peat cutting, glass blowing or any of the other ancient crafts. Get to know the region and its people from all the many different witnesses of days gone by.

Take yourself off on a journey of discovery through the rich culture of times long past! Our cultural brochures, such as "Museumsführer - Kultur entdecken" (available in German only), contain information about 38 museums and similar institutions in Rotenburg (Wümme) along with a number of tips and suggestions for museums, guided tours and events. Contact us at to request the brochures that interest you.

On the following pages, we present a selection of our museums. For details of all further museums, please visit our website at


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