Münchehagen Dinosaur Park

start an exciting journey 130 million years ago

enlarge Dinosaur in the dinosaur park

Dinosaur in the dinosaur park
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Dinosaur in the dinosaur park

Take an exciting trip back in time in the Münchehagen dinosaur park. 130 million years ago, huge herds of dinosaurs roamed the countryside around the Steinhuder Sea. The footprints of these huge creatures can be found right here in the park. You can admire this unique natural monument and over 200 full size dinosaur reconstructions on a tour of the park – Germany's largest outdoor dinosaur park. Find out about the development of these fascinating extinct giant lizards right up to their demise.

Dino digs like a palaeontologist

You can watch over the shoulder of the technicians as they excavate real dinosaur bones from huge rocks. Children can watch the technicians at work on the other side of a sheet of glass. After which, the kids themselves can try their hand at a spot of palaeontology - in the Dino dig, they can help excavate a 25 m long dinosaur skeleton from a sand pit or look for semi-precious stones or sharks' teeth in the treasure hunt.


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