Mill Route

"Niedersächsische Mühlenstraße"

enlarge Windmill Südheide Gifhorn

Windmill Südheide Gifhorn
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Windmill Südheide Gifhorn
  • Length: approx. 2800 kilometres

The Lower Saxony Mill Route connects a total of 75 mills – and the mills and their histories are as diverse as the landscape. The mill route leads through quiet heathland valleys, the river landscape of the meadows of the Elbe valley and the Hanover Wendland with its pretty villages. It passes bicycle workshops, crosses the valleys around the source of the Ilmenau, the woods of the southern heath and the countryside around Celle and the lower Aller.

The mills are used for various purposes. There are working museum mills and mills which are no longer operational in which everything stills stands just as it was the last time it was working. There are also lovingly converted residential mills and modern mill operations. Past and present come together to create a lively picture of the history of the rural landscape and its modern-day development. Whether by bike, by car or on foot, the constantly changing scenery and impressions make the mill route into a real experience.


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