The cradle of dream boats

enlarge Aerial view of the Meyer Werft

Aerial view of the Meyer Werft
© MEYER WERFT; Fotograf: Ingrid Fiebak-Kremer

Aerial view of the Meyer Werft

Papenburg is the cradle of many a dream boat – in two huge halls, the MEYER WERFT shipyard builds luxury cruise vessels: the seafaring giants can reach almost 300 metres long and more than a dozen storeys high. The development of the ships, from bow to stern, can be followed from the visitors’ centre; a shipyard experience in widescreen format! Films and photos tell the story of shipbuilding past and present at the MEYER WERFT. Mock-up cabins clearly show the comfort of life at sea. Tip: the “undocking” of the dream boats is a spectacular event not to be missed, attracting thousands to witness the towing of the vessel from the hall to the Ems river.

Visiting the MEYER WERFT shipyard

You can, of course, also visit the shipyard. Well-trained guides will take you on a tour of the shipyard and tell you all about the vessels and how they are transported to the Ems river. Complete your visit the MEYER WERFT shipyard with a maritime evening meal. Contact Papenburg Tourismus GmbH for more information.


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