Lower Saxony’s first Tree Top Trail

Experience nature from a new perspective


Lower Saxony’s first Tree Top Trail
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High above the city of Bad Harzburg in the Harz region you can discover the nature of the Harz: The young and young at heart, families, the elderly and people with disabilities now have the chance to get to know nature from a totally new perspective on the Harz and Lower Saxony’s first tree-top trail.

The around 1km-long path starts at the foot of the Burgberg (Castle Hill)  in the heart of Bad Harzburg’s spa park and takes guests up to a height of more than 20 metres through the old tree tops of the Kalten valley. Along the way, guests can learn interesting facts about forestry, nature and the environment.

Another aspect that is unique among tree-top walkways in Germany is the geology station, which uses a rock face to explain the rock layers of the Harz. The path also goes over a pond and provides insight into the Harz National Park and exciting flora and fauna of Germany’s most northerly low mountain range.


The Bad Harzburg Treetop Walkway run by the town of Bad Harzburg was evaluated by a certified recorder in August 2015 and awarded the “accessibility verified” certificate by the inspection body, to show that it is partially accessible for those with difficulty walking. The attraction can now carry this label from September 2015 until August 2018.


Information for wheelchair users and people with difficulty walking

We have put together some information on accessibility below.

  • Parking spaces for people with disabilities are provided.
  • The route to the entrance to the walkway leads across a bridge with a slope of 10%. If no carer is available to assist with this, the operator provides a support service for wheelchair users.
  • Access to the treetop walkway is step-free and there is step-free or ramp access to all facilities that can be used by guests.
  • All doors and routes are at least 90 cm wide.


Treetop walkway

  • The entrance to the treetop walkway is via a rondel. The path is 300 m long. The slope is 6%. There are intermediate platforms with no slope.
  • The treetop walkway is 700 m long.
  • The treetop walkway is at least 180 cm wide.
  • There are benches along the path.
  • There are slopes of up to 6%.
  • The floor is non-slip.
  • Because the return route behind the entrance has a very rough surface, those with difficulty walking can return via the treetop walkway.


Public WC

  • The WC is wheelchair accessible from one side.
  • Grab rails are provided on both sides; one side is fold-up.
  • The wash basin is not wheelchair-suitable.


Information for the deaf and hard of hearing

We have put together some information on accessibility below.

  • There is no induction loop.
  • Written stop information is provided at the Burgseilbahn bus stop.


Information for the blind and partially sighted

We have put together some information on accessibility below.

  • Guide dogs are permitted.
  • Path limits (railings on both sides) are provided along the treetop walkway.
  • The floor is non-slip.
  • There is no comprehensive guidance system with floor indicators.
  • No information is available in Braille or prism font.
  • The exhibits along the route only contrast with the environment to a limited extent.


Information for people with cognitive impairments

We have put together some information on accessibility below.

  • The destination of each route section is within sight, there are signs or there are no turnoffs, so that only one direction can be followed.
  • The exhibits along the treetop walkway are presented visibly.
  • No information is available in simple language.


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