Lower Saxony Police Museum

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enlarge The exterior view of the Lower Saxony Police Museum

The exterior view of the Lower Saxony Police Museum
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The exterior view of the Lower Saxony Police Museum

Since 31.10.2011, Nienburg’s city centre has something very special to offer visitors: the police museum Polizeimuseum Niedersachsen. The museum recently moved from the capital, Hannover, and set up permanently in new premises in Nienburg, taking all the fascinating exhibits covering the state’s police history with it. A special focus of the museum continues to be the case of Haarmann, a serial killer who wrought terror in the Hannover of the 1920s. The facts and knowledge gleaned from identification records, police photographs and the work of the criminal investigation department are clearly presented in a way young and old alike can readily understand. Mobility has always been and still is a key aspect of day-to-day police work. Accordingly, the museum offers an insight into the various modes of transport used by the Niedersachsen police force since the Second World War. Visitors particularly interested in the historical development of police work will also find information here about political and social changes as well as exhibits dating from as long ago as the Middle Ages to the present day.


Polizeimuseum Niedersachsen

Lange Straße 20-22, 31528 Nienburg / Weser

Phone: +49 (0) 5021 / 8877880


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