“Kohl and Pinkel” (curly kale and sausage)

Specialities from the north

enlarge pure Green cabbage

pure Green cabbage
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pure Green cabbage

The people of Lower Saxony are practically longing for the first frost, because from November to March it is the curly kale season between Elbe and Ems. “Kohl and Pinkel” (curly kale and sausage) is the national dish of the north, so to say, whereas the infamous word “Pinkel” simply refers to a sausage made of bacon, belly meat, onions and spices. The fans of this dish are not only fascinated by its hearty taste: the curly cale meal is practically celebrated by clubs, businesses or friends on numerous “kale trips”. That is to say the meal tastes best after a long walk in the cold air.

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