Kitesurfing in Lower Saxony

over the water by kite power

enlarge Kitesurfer on a beach in Lower Saxony

Kitesurfer on a beach in Lower Saxony
© Kay Lindner

Kitesurfer on a beach in Lower Saxony

Kitesurfing is the in-thing. Immerse yourself in the elements of water and air. Instead of a sail, a kite provides the power to project you across the water and to really take off! By means of certain steering manoeuvres, the pulling power of the kite can be increased ten-fold, shooting the kitesurfer over 10 m into the air and covering easily 60 m on the water. There are specially marked areas for kitesurfers at Hooksiel near Wilhelmshaven on the North Sea and on the Steinhuder Sea. You’re bound to come across a few if the wind’s good.

Definitely not blown by the wind, the Steinhuder Sea is one of the best freshwater holiday spots in Germany. It offers ideal conditions for learning kiting, surfing or catamaran sailing, with a large area shallow enough to stand and Surfer’s Paradise, the only registered VDWS water sports station in the area.


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