The young Kneipp spa town on the Elbe

enlarge Aeral view of the island-city Hitzacker

Aeral view of the island-city Hitzacker
© Elbtalaue-Wendland Touristik GmbH

Aeral view of the island-city Hitzacker

Hitzacker – “… a small town with great charm …” was how Prince Claus of the Netherlands described the town of his birth. But it is not only the panoramic views of the Elbe Valley from the town’s vineyard that make Hitzacker so attractive; it is also the perfect combination of culture and nature. The picturesque Old Town, with its meticulously restored half-timbered houses and narrow, winding streets, is actually situated on an island in the Elbe. Overlooking the city is one of the northernmost vineyards in Germany with 99 vines.
Hitzacker is the perfect base for an active outdoor holiday. But the spa town is also renowned for its Kneipp hydrotherapy treatments, making it a popular destination for visitors looking for rest and recuperation.


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