Historical Verden

The Dom (cathedral)
is Verdens most sublime witness of the past and the symbol of the town. It was modeled on the cathedral of Reims and was completed in 1490.

St. Andreaskirche (church)
This romanesque church was built in the middle of the 12th century in the shadow of the Dom.

St. Johanniskirche (church)

This church in the northern part of the town is one of the eldest churches made of brick in the North of Germany.

Domherrenhaus – Historic museum
In the half-timbered house of a former member of the nobility, you should go on an expedition through history. When roaming through the museum, you´ll not only come upon the Verden history, but also upon the history of traditional trade and manual work.

Deutsches Pferdemuseum – German horse museum
Hold yourself tight - you are invited for a ride through the history of the horse, especially to an experience about the never-ending story between humans and horses. “Gaudemus equis” – Enjoy the horses! is written on a memorial plate of 1815 which can be seen in the german horse museum.You could see the primordial horse that was only as tall as a cat (approx. 50 million years ago) up to the present day riding wear of Josef Neckermann. An equine library also belongs to the museum, including more than 16.000 books.

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