Historic towns and villages

Half-timbered idylls and the round villages

Picturesque half-timbered towns and idyllically situated round villages are typical features of the biosphere region Elbtalaue-Wendland. The historic town centres of Hitzacker, Dannenberg and Lüchow, with their listed gabled buildings, form part of the German Half-Timbered Houses Route together with the round villages.

Aeral view of the island-city Hitzacker


The young Kneipp spa town on the Elbe

Hitzacker – “… a small town with great charm …” was how Prince Claus of the Netherlands described the town of his ... more

The Waldemartower of Dannenberg

Dannenberg (Elbe)

A town with panoramic views

The round Waldemarturm (Waldermar Tower) and the pointed spire of the Johanniskirche (St. John’s Church) at the centre of ... more

The marketplace in Lüchow

Lüchow (Wendland)

District capital with rural charm

The beauty of Lüchow, a small jewel on the German Half-Timbered Houses Route, is best appreciated from the 22-metre ... more

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