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Its diverse geography and landscapes make Lower Saxony an ideal spot for walkers. On these pages you'll find an overview of the most interesting long distance walking routes – from the Heidschnuckenweg to the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg , from the north to the south through all af the various landscapes.

Witches in the Harz

Harzer Hexenstieg

Length: 94 kilometres

Explore the magical and mystical world of the Harz. more


223 km from Hamburg to Celle

The Heidschnucken (moorland sheep) graze along one of the most beautiful hiking trails of Germany. more

Hiking in the Weserbergland


Length: 225 kilometres, 8 days

A journey through a region rich in legend, past imposing stately homes and romantic castles, through the living high ... more


Premium hiking in the Harz Mountains

The "Liebesbankweg" is a premium hiking trail in the Harz Mountains. more


Uniquely connecting the two mountain ridges Ith ...

The "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland" (Walking in Germany trail), newly quality certified in January 2013. more

Oker Dam at the Harz

Karstwanderweg Südharz

Length: 133 kilometres

The hiking trail runs from Osterode in Niedersachsen to Pölsfeld in Saxony-Anhalt. more

Foresight of the Teutoburg Forest


Length: 95 kilometres, 5 days

The 95 kilometres of the Ahornweg run through the hilly southern part of the Osnabruck region. more

Rock formation in the Harz


Length: 99 kilometres

The Kaiserweg crosses the heavily wooded Harz mountains from North to South. more

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