Hiking in the Harz Mountains

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Wandern im Harz
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Take your pick between a leisurely walk through the forest on a Sunday afternoon, or an energetic hike along the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg (Witches of the Harz trail) , one of Germany's most beautiful hiking trails. In the Harz Mountains, you can enjoy your holiday with all your senses and hike through nature to your heart's delight.

The Harz Mountains invite you to discover and explore its fascinating natural landscapes, with its vast forests, panoramic views, bizarre cliffs, dark canyons, colourful mountain meadows and numerous dams and ponds.

Hike along the UNESCO World Heritage Site , "Oberharzer Wasserwirtschaft" (Upper Harz Water Management), lose yourself in the interlinking caves of the Harz Mountains or discover the world of historic underground mining. Be inspired by medieval monasteries, castles and palaces.

More than 8,000 km of marked, fully networked trails cross through the Harz Mountains, transforming it into a hiking paradise. Whether short or long distances, narrow paths or generous and well-designed routes, challenging or easy — the Harz Mountains offer the perfect trail for every hiker. Accommodation and food are also sorted. Numerous hotels in close vicinity to the most beautiful hiking routes cater specifically for hikers in the Harz Mountains.


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