Hiking in Grafschaft Bentheim

enlarge Frenswegen Abbey, Nordhorn

Frenswegen Abbey, Nordhorn
© Grafschaft Bentheim Tourismus / Rudi Schubert

Frenswegen Abbey, Nordhorn

There are countless hiking trails around the region’s towns and villages. For instance, explore the ancient burial mounds near Uelzen and explore the heathlands on foot. At Isterberg near Bad Bentheim you can walk along the sandstone cliffs – for children the Isterberg is a fabulous natural stone climbing park. A dense network of small paths surrounds the copses around Wietmarschen convent, and the Path of Faith with its series of stops is an inspiring walk, not only for pilgrims.

The Handelsweg – follow in the footsteps of travelling tradesmen and peddlers

The Handelsweg (trade trail) connects the Töddenweg (from Osnabrück to Oldenzaal) with the Marskramerpad (from Oldenzaal to Deventer). The hiking trail connects the city of Osnabrück with the hanseatic town of Deventer, and was named after the peddlers and tradesmen who used it in past centuries. The 226km long-distance trail passes through tranquil stretches of pretty and varied countryside. In Germany, the trail crosses the hilly expanses of the Osnabrücker Land and Tecklenburger Land countryside. After passing through the flat expanses around Münster and Emsland, the trail follows the foothills of the mighty Teutoburger Wald forest in Grafschaft Bentheim right down to the source of the Dinkel river, which runs along the border. In the Netherlands, the Handelsweg trail crosses the magnificent backdrop of the parklands in the province of Overijssel.


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