Herb gardens in Lower Saxony

Flower-Power for your health

enlarge Pfefferminzsträucher im Kräutergarten

Pfefferminzsträucher im Kräutergarten
© - Miriam Dörr

Pfefferminzsträucher im Kräutergarten

Nature can offer rich opportunities that contribute to your health. These are ideal locations for getting to know about the healing substances of plants directly, before they are processed in the pharmacy.

So, for example, if you want to know about a particular plant whose healing powers have been respected for centuries: Ginseng. The English word “Ginseng” derives from the Chinese term “renshen”. “Ren” means “Person” and “Shen” means “Plant Root”. This refers to the root’s characteristic forked-shape root resembling the legs of a person. This medicinal plant is a native to Korea, but has been successfully cultivated for over 30 years here in Lower Saxony. On the Ginseng FloraFarm in Walsrode, you can learn about ginseng and its multiple effects as a "tonic". Tours through the ginseng gardens are offered on a historic homestead which is built in a typical Lower Saxony style. In the cafe you can enjoy a Ginseng tea or beer and you can get hold of the soothing ginseng products in the shop there.

With respect to medicinal plants, a much more extensive diversity can be discovered in the herbal park at Altenau. Germany's largest herbal park invites you to enjoy the many scents of the herbs and admire the variety of the herbal pharmacy. Information boards provide information worth knowing and guidelines for using the plants. Tasting is also allowed. Furthermore, a leisurely visit to the Spice Pagoda (Gewürzpagode) allures you with its intense olfactory experience.

The Pharmacist and Farmer's Garden (Apotheker- und Bauerngarten) in Bremervörde on the other hand, offers you a wonderful introduction to the topic of Herbal Medicine. Here you are shown the various possibilities of the modern and historical usages of over 80 medicinal plants.

In addition to this, special “herbal walks” are offered at the many locations in the Harz Mountains, where, with the help of experts you get to identify and categorise the variety of herbs and glean some information on their use and application. In Bad Lauterberg, for example, at the end of the walk, the collected herbs are processed into a menu and consumed together.

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