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Going on a pilgrimage is a tradition. For centuries now, people from all religions and cultures all over the world follow the pilgrim trails.

In Germany, and also in Lower Saxony, pilgrimages have again developed into a trend. And it is not always religion that stands in the foreground. It is especially during those times when people need to take a little more time for themselves, when a yearning for a “slowing down” is certainly felt. We all have to break out from the age-old longing for daily routine, to break new ground as well as doing good to the body, mind and soul. Many people therefore come either directly or in a roundabout way to pilgrimages.

The most famous pilgrimage route may be the Camino de Santiago, also called the Way of St James. However, there are also many traditional or individually planned trails that invite you as pilgrims.

As you traverse along the way as a pilgrim, you can stay in church parishes or in monasteries. Denomination or faith does not matter, meaning that every person is welcomed with open arms.

For those who do not want to go on a pilgrimage alone, one of the volunteer pilgrim companions can join you. They know, for example, special inspiring places or can give the pilgrims tips on "Spiritual Walks".

With pilgrimages, it is less about a religious power but more about walking with God. This concept is of the Protestant Church. Pilgrims often express an ecumenical solidarity, as most pilgrimage routes connect local congregations, churches, communities, hostels and hotels.

With pilgrimages, bridges between East and West, between generations and faiths are built. Often unnoticed.

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