German Half-Timbered House Road

"Deutsche Fachwerkstraße"

enlarge The Peter street in the historic center of Goslar

The Peter street in the historic center of Goslar
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The Peter street in the historic center of Goslar
  • Length: approx. 2000 kilometres

This route is over 2,000 kilometres in length, runs from the Elbe to the Danube and shows how richly the style of half-timbered architecture varies from region to region. Set out on a tour through the picturesque Lower Saxony countryside with its centuries old traditions of trade and architecture. There are a total of nine sections to this route, two of which run right through the middle of Lower Saxony.

The half-timbered buildings route "From the River Elbe to the Weser Mountains" runs from Stade to Alfeld. You can appreciate the full variety of half-timbered architecture on a journey through the North German lowlands to the Weser Mountains. Get to know places whose customs, myths and legends stretch back hundreds of years. The historic town centres, many of which are up to 1,000 years old, offer a selection of half-timbering from the middle ages to the present day.

The second route, "From the Elbe Valley to the Harz Mountains" crosses strikingly diverse countryside. The history of the dukes, kings and princes is reflected in the half-timbered towns of Wendland, Altmark, the Luneburg Heath and the Harz mountains. The route starts in the northerly town of Bleckede and passes through Hitzacker, Dannenberg, Luchow, Salzwedel, Celle and Osterode, finishing in Duderstadt. Discover the past, with its ancient crafts and lively traditional customs by car, bicycle or train.

Another part of the German Half-Timbered House Road start at the medieval town of Hann. Münden "From the Weser Mountains to the Vogelsberg Mountains". Powerful patrons – from Charlemagne to the Lower Saxon Guelf Dukes and the Hessian Landgraves and Prince Electors – helped the historic towns to wealth and the development of art with trade privileges and secured castles, palaces, monasteries, framework buildings and town halls over centuries. The variety of framework and architectural styles with influences from Lower Saxony, Hesse, Thuringia, Franconia and even Italy is unique.


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