Geocaching in Lower Saxony

In search of the treasure


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This new trend is a great opportunity for hikers who do not have a clear idea of their next route or who are simply looking for a bit of fun and adventure.

You will be equipped with a GPS device and will walk exactly along the route indicated by the GPS. Your aim is to find treasures (caches) which have been hidden there for you to find by other players. This makes geocaching a form of treasure hunt in a very modern, contemporary way.

The treasures can be hidden anywhere - in hollow tree trunks, under branches or behind benches in the forest - or even in medieval cities.

You can get the exact coordinates for the hidden treasure in advance on the portal When you've reached the target, you have found the treasure, but then you hide it again at the same place, so other players after you can also have fun with it.

In the following regions in Lower Saxony you can go on a hiking treasure hunt:

  • Elbe and Wendland
  • Emsland
  • Harz Mountains
  • Region around Hanover
  • Lüneburger Heide
  • Mittelweser
  • Osnabrücker Land
  • East Frisia
  • Weserbergland region

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