Fly over Rotenburg (Wümme)

Experience this HOLIDAY Region from a Bird’s-Eye View

Catch a bird’s-eye view of the people and places of HOLIDAY region Landkreis Rotenburg (Wümme) from a glider or a hot-air balloon. For bolder souls, there’s always the option of tandem skydiving.

Weser Wümme Airport

See Bremen from the sky on a sightseeing flight. The airfield has an 850-metre grass runway and a tower, as well as a flight preparation room, a restaurant, three hangars with about 20 parking positions and a maintenance and repair shop.

Flugplatz Weser-Wümme
27387 Hellwege
Tel.: 0 42 97 / 448
Fax: 0 42 97 / 646

Aeroclub Elbe-Weser Karlshöfen e.V.

This special airfield’s hospitality has made it a very popular airport in pilot circles. It
is privately run by the Aeroclub Elbe Weser Karlshöfen e.V. and has an asphalted runway that’s 700 metres long and 15 metres wide.

Aeroclub Elbe-Weser Karlshöfen e.V.
Flugplatz Karlshöfen 1
27442 Gnarrenburg-Karlshöfen
Tel.: 0 47 94 / 413
Fax: 0 47 94 / 16 48

Rotenburg (Wümme) Airport

The former military airfield has an excellent infrastructure and hosts a range of different events, offers business, sightseeing and glider flights, balloon trips and also pilot training.

Flugplatz Rotenburg (Wümme)
Zum Flugplatz 44
27356 Rotenburg (Wümme)
Tel.: 0 42 61 / 96 04 47
Fax: 0 42 61 / 96 04 49

Glider Airfield Segelflugplatz Tarmstedt-Westertimke

The airfield of the Bremen gliding club Segelfluggruppe Bremen is one of the best in North Germany and offers an extensive course programme, including glider pilot instruction.

Segelflugplatz Tarmstedt-Westertimke
Segelfluggruppe Bremen e.V.
27412 Westertimke
Tel.: 0 42 83 / 12 41 oder 51 09

Tarmstedt Region

Airfield belonging to the GleitSegelClub Weser e.V. glider club on the edge of the Lüneburger Heide heathlands.

Gleitsegelwiese Visselhövede-Lüdingen
27374 Lüdingen
Tel: 01 70 / 71 27 16 5
Geschäftsstelle: GleitSegelClub Weser e.V.
Tel.: 04 21 / 23 08 39


Balloon Trips

Float into the Sunrise in a Hot-Air Balloon 

Balloon Trips

The balloon envelope stretched out on the ground slowly billows and fills, its folds smooth, and now balloon pilot Dunker Müller can start firing the gas burner. A flame, first golden, then pale-blue, hisses and roars as it shoots upwards and into the red balloon. Two assistants keep hold of the opening so that the air from the fan and the burner flame can enter unhindered. Slowly the envelope straightens up and takes shape. Just minutes later, the hot air captured inside the balloon is pulling the basket and its passengers skywards. It’s time for the adventure high above the intact natural and cultural landscape of HOLIDAY region Rotenburg (Wümme) to begin.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy a breathtaking view of this magnificent countryside – book yourself a ride in a hot-air balloon!

Take-off Times

You don’t have to book a long time ahead to secure yourself a place on a balloon ride. The balloons usually take off at sunrise or in the late afternoon for trips that last five to six hours. Take-off location by arrangement.

Luftfahrtunternehmen Dunker Müller
Sesamstraße 22
27367 Reeßum
Tel.: 0 42 64 / 93 10


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