UNESCO World Heritage site Fagus Factory in Alfeld

Original work of modernist industrial architecture

enlarge Fagus-GreCon factory in Alfeld

Fagus-GreCon factory in Alfeld
© Fagus-GreCon

Fagus-GreCon factory in Alfeld

The Fagus factory in Alfeld was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2011.

The factory represents the original work of modernist industrial architecture and a specimen from the “New Objectivity” movement. It was the first major building by Walter Gropius, later known as a famous Bauhaus architect, who was hired by the industrialist Carl Benscheidt to build a shoemaker’s last factory. A glass and steel construction and unsupported, fully windowed corners made it a hallmark for the new brand of architecture, giving the threestorey building facade a weightless elegance. Shoemaker’s lasts are still made today at the Fagus factory.

Today the factory continues to turn out products at full steam 50 kilometres south of Hannover, treating visitors to both exhibitions and concerts.

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