Exploring Grafschaft Bentheim by boat

enlarge Fishing on a canal in Nordhorn

Fishing on a canal in Nordhorn
© Grafschaft Bentheim Tourismus / Anja Koch

Fishing on a canal in Nordhorn

Discover the wonderful countryside of Grafschaft Bentheim in the western-most corner of Lower Saxony from an unusual perspective: on a boat. Grafschaft Bentheim is crisscrossed by numerous canals and the rivers Dinkel and Vechte. What better way to combine nature, sport and fun? Picturesque little villages and isolated farmhouses are surrounded by tranquil countryside with lush meadows, fields and forests. Canal tours along the rivers Vechte and Dinkel are available, and in the town centre of Nordhorn visitors can book cruises on the solar-powered “Vechtesonne”.

Or why not take things into your own hands and set off in a paddle boat? Along the banks of the Dinkel and the Vechte numerous artworks belonging to the “kunstwegen” trail await discovery. Water sports enthusiasts and amateur captains are invited to explore the Ems-Vechte Canal, the Nordhorn-Almelo Canal and a network of canals in Nordhorn. Between 1 May and 30 September the Ems-Vechte Canal is open for sports boats with a maximum length of 12m and max width of 6.5m. The canals in Nordhorn are open for boats with a maximum length of 5m and max width of 1.5m.


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