Encounter Chimpanzees and Dinosaurs

in the Osnabrücker Land

enlarge Dinosaur tracks Barkhausen

Dinosaur tracks Barkhausen
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Dinosaur tracks Barkhausen

Wildly fascinating and home to some 2000 animals from every continent, Osnabrück Zoo is a wonderful place to stroll amid a magnificent backdrop of mixed woodland. And from a raised platform, visitors can catch a glimpse of the life of giraffes and antelopes in Samburu, the African panorama. Chimpanzees and other African animals have now moved into their new Takamanda home. Deep insights into animal life can also be gained at the underground zoo, a labyrinthine system of caves where visitors can watch animals that live underground in their passageways, caves and nests. Right next door, at the Museum am Schölerberg, children can not only explore the universe beneath their feet at the soil exhibition, but also the one above their heads, in the planetarium.
Children travel a very long way into the past when they visit the dinosaur prints in Bad Essen-Barkhausen. The prehistoric giants left footprints there 150 million years ago. Today, their tracks are still imprinted in a rock face in the woods, and two replica dinosaurs create a vivid impression of the ancient creatures’ tremendous size.
Whether on an outing into the countryside or a visit to a museum, Osnabrücker Land is always an unforgettable experience for children.


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