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enlarge Emsflower in Emsbüren

Emsflower in Emsbüren
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Emsflower in Emsbüren

Emsflower, located in Emsbüren right by the A30/A31 motorway intersection, is Europe’s largest visitable horticulture centre. With a total area of some 100 hectares and a production of up to 500 million plants, it is the European market leader.

The heart of the horticultural centre is the Emsflower horticultural park. With 38.5 hectares currently under glass, this attractive excursion destination for young and old gives visitors barrier-free paths to view parts of Europe’s biggest bedding plant production centre. Light-filled halls with resting spots amid fresh foliage and flowering plants ensure that a visit is an unforgettable experience.

In the demonstration greenhouse, known as the “show garden”, visitors can become acquainted with modern cultivation methods.
And at the same time they can immerse themselves in a sea of roses, gerbera and anthuria and enjoy the vibrant colours of flowering cucumber plants, ripe capsicums, tomatoes, aubergines and chili peppers. When it comes to vegetables, the centre gives high priority to biological pest control.

The tropical garden creates a touch of holiday atmosphere. Amid exceptional vegetation with 100-year-old olive trees, lemon trees and orange trees, visitors can rest a while in shady corners. And then continue on their path and marvel at enchanting pond landscapes with fully grown koi carp, parrots and the small-bird aviary.

Visitors to the Emsflower garden centre can purchase flower accessories, bedding plants, fresh vegetables and much more. In addition to regularly changing seasonal plants they will also find refined flower arrangements, decorated by expert florists. Children can let off steam in the indoor playground that includes a bouncy castle and in the outdoor play area.


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