Effortless peddling with e-power

Cycling made easy with the e-bike

Cycling made easy ... it is in the Weserbergland. For the first time in 2011, it became possible to cycle through the Weserbergland on a movelo e-bike. The ‘e’ stands for electric bike, guaranteeing an easy ride even during the most difficult stages. The e-bike technology supports your natural peddling and kicks in when you really need it – when you run out of steam. A tight network of 18 battery exchange and 24 hire stations with 64 e-bikes offers you unlimited mobility in the Weserbergland.
Discover the extraordinary and experience the Weser river cycle route by e-bike. Impressive natural landscapes and Weser Renaissance gems await you. Famous attractions include fortresses and castles as well as historical old towns. Running parallel to the Weser river cycle route, the German Fairy Tale Route promises to bring enchanting experiences. Prefer the mountains? No problem: with the power of the e-bike, you can now easily dare to venture into higher parts of the region such as the Ottenstein Plateau, the Solling or Süntel. Real insider tips, breathtaking views and a wealth of cultural monuments await you here.

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