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Always on course with a little heavenly assistance

enlarge Cyclist on the lakeside of the Dümmer

Cyclist on the lakeside of the Dümmer
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Cyclist on the lakeside of the Dümmer

Always on the right track with GPS – even on your bike. These days, thanks to satellite navi gation, you can be sure of reaching your destination without poring over a map. The GPS device on your handlebar always lets you know exactly where you are and which road to take. But it doesn’t just give you details of your current location – the remaining kilometres to your destination and expected time of arrival are valuable pieces of information on the road that help you ensure that you don’t arrive just in time to see the train you were planning to catch pulling out of the station! Cycling with GPS is not what you are probably used to in your car. Before setting out, you have to load a track – that’s the file containing your route – into your bike’s GPS devices. Download and transfer them to your device and you’re off! A cycling holiday in Lower Saxony is that simple! Or would you like a bird’s-eye-view of your tour before you set out so that you can pick the best place to take a break? No problem, just enter the kml data into Google-Earth and already you can “fly”. You would prefer to be flexible and decide where to stay one night at a time? At the bed+bike-website (in German) there’s a GPX file with all “bed+bike” addresses for you to download onto your GPS device.

You don’t have a GPS device you can use for cycling? No problem: In the ‘Land zwischen Elbe und Weser’, in the Mittelweser and ‘Elbe und Wendland’, and in the Volksbank-Arena Harz, you can hire devices with tours of the region. Most cycling in Lower Saxony also offer GPS data for your day tours, by the way.

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