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enlarge Cyclists break at the Melkhus

Cyclists break at the Melkhus
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Cyclists break at the Melkhus

A 1800-kilometre, ADFC-signposted cycling route network with more than 40 themed routes invites cyclists to spend a day or more touring the region. The level to gently undulating countryside holds attractive long stretches for experienced cyclists as well as offering families with children ideal conditions for an unforgettable cycling tour.

Our regional themed routes covering distances of between 15 and 250 kilometres offer you a colourful and varied cycling programme. Discover the natural and cultural treasures of the Rotenburg (Wümme) region, such as historical stone-related sites on the SteinErlebnisRoute, moorland devil on the Moorteufelroute, monasteries on the Klosterroute, woodlands on the Waldroute and burial mounds on the Hügelgräber-Route. Or explore the whole of Rotenburg (Wümme) along the 250 kilometres of the windmill-dotted Mühlenroute.

You prefer longer distances? Then our recommendation for you is to pick one of our supraregional cycling routes, Radfernweg-Hamburg-Bremen, Wümme-Radweg or Radwanderweg VomTeufelsmoor zum Wattenmeer, for example.

Along the way, several inns, restaurants, cafés and the milk bars known in these parts as Melkhüs, offer plenty of opportunities to take a refreshing break. 

Further Information
More details of the individual cycling tours can be obtained on our website at There you can order our brochure and maps of the individual cycling routes and also consult our leisure and route navigator for a general impression of all the routes Rotenburg (Wümme) has to offer.

At our download customer service centre, you can also download – at a small extra charge – the PDF of our tours plus the free GPX, KML or OVL files of the cycling tour of your choice for your GPS device, your GPS-capable mobile or your pocket PC.


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