Cycling in the Osnabrücker Land

Between Parklands and Gently Rolling Hills

enlarge Cyclists in the Osnabrücker Land

Cyclists in the Osnabrücker Land
© Tourismusverband Osnabrücker Land e. V.

Cyclists in the Osnabrücker Land

If you’re considering exploring Osnabrücker Land, the best way to do it is by bicycle:
4 popular cycling routes and 10 regional theme tours all make up the region’s cycling network (RAVELOS). All routes are signposted to the highest standards and can be relied upon to guide you to your destination.

Whether visiting the many different types of mills, following the course of the River Hase or travelling all the way to Bremen or Paderborn – in Osnabrücker Land you will not only find delightful stretches of almost untouched countryside but fascinating sights and magical hideaways, too, as you pedal along. In Artland, in the north of Osnabrücker Land, where there are no significant slopes, you can enjoy a peaceful, relaxing ride through the gently rolling parklands where the Hase River and its tributaries flow. Themed cycle tours are an excellent way to explore the many special attractions and lively towns and villages of the Varus region – pack a little time in your saddlebag and you won’t miss out on a thing!

The landscape in the southern part of Osnabrücker Land is dominated by the Teutoburger Wald and Wiehengebirge uplands. More ambitious cyclists will certainly get their money’s worth in the TeutoRegion, where every cyclist will find places worth a longer stay nestling against gentle slopes or idyllically situated in the valleys.
Osnabrück, City of Peace, is right at the heart of the TERRA.vita nature reserve and can also be explored by bike. Let the city’s rich culture, its many pleasant shopping facilities and eclectic culinary scene surprise you.


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