Cycling in the North Sea-Elbe-Weser region

By bicycle along the Elbe, Weser, Wümme & Co

The North Sea-Elbe-Weser region is perfect for a tour of discovery. In the rural district of Stade, visit the picturesque Hanseatic towns of Stade and Buxtehude or try the crunchy apples grown in the region Altes Land.

On the Wümme-Radweg cycle path, you can pedal gently through the rural district of Rotenburg (Wümme), stopping for a rest in a typical north German Melkhus (a dairy rest house for cyclists). The nostalgic Moorexpress will take you on a tour of the Teufelsmoor. A stop to discover the artists’ village of Worpswede is a must. Or take a traditional peat barge on the Hamme river, just like in the old days!

Throughout the region, you can also get around easily with an e-bike.


Cycling in Teufelsmoor cultural destination

It is impossible to fully appreciate the fascination of Worpswede and Teufelsmoor simply with a glance out of the car window. Of course, you can also get to know Worpswede and Teufelsmoor on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage. But a bicycle is the best mode of transport to really experience the culture and landscape. Silent paths along dykes, birch-lined embankments along the canals and quiet roads will lead you to a picturesque landscape. Guest houses, restaurants, farm cafes and cafes offering delicious meals, coffee and freshly-baked cakes will tempt you to take a break along the way, or are the perfect destination for a cycling trip. Full signage in line with ADFC standards will help you find your way. The flat landscape with its rivers, dykes and canals, its characteristic birch-lined roads and the gentle hills of the geest landscape between the moors and marshes offer many interesting routes and destinations for excursions. The Teufelsmoor cultural destination is ideal not only for experienced cyclists, but also for families or those who are a little rusty in the saddle – there are few hills and little traffic.

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