Cycling in East Frisia

Experience East Frisia at close quarters by bicycle

East Frisia (German: Ostfriesland) can only really be perceived from the saddle of a bicycle. The wind gently strokes your cheeks, bringing the fresh scent of the sea, the fields and the meadows. With the wind at your back, the wheels roll almost of their own accord. East Frisia is a real paradise for cyclists! There is probably hardly any other region in Germany with such a diverse and well-signposted network of cycle paths as the land between the citiey of Emden and Wilhelmshaven. The network of cycle paths, which mostly runs on small, well-maintained roads away from the major transport routes, covers around 3,500 kilometres.

For all cyclists who would like to explore the typical East Frisia during a long weekend, there is the East Frisia Tour (consisting of 4 circular routes). Typically East Frisian, these are "Water and Space", "Gardens and Palaces", "Old and New Ports" and living history with "Pirates and Chiefs". 

Explore Greetsiel with its picturesque cutter harbour and discover the "pirate's hideout" of Störtebeker. From the middle of April to the start of June, you can marvel at the exploding variety of colours of the rhododendrons and azaleas. Combine romantic sluice harbours with the JadeWeserPort. Or ride along the perfectly straight fen canals with the typical white bascule bridges. There is something for everyone here. You can't get more East Frisian than this!

For anyone who is planning a longer cycling holiday, five additional themed routes invite you to cycle in stages. Each route has its own attraction: The Friesenroute Rad up Pad runs parallel to dykes, past lighthouses and large and small inland lakes; the International Dollard Route allows you to experience the East Frisian and Dutch way of life at close quarters; fen villages are dotted along the canals on the Deutsche Fehnroute (German Fen Route) like a pearl necklace; the Ammerland Route leads through a varied region with a number of parks and gardens; and on the Tour de Fries, you cycle along the North See beach, past the Wadden Sea National Park into the green interior and back along the dyke.

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