Cycling for Pleasure in the Mittelweser region

Ideal conditions for cyclists

enlarge Cyclists on Weser cycle path

Cyclists on Weser cycle path
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Cyclists on Weser cycle path

The Mittelweser region is flat as a pancake – if you don’t count the Rehburger Berge uplands – and that makes it ideal for cycling tours. Even the “smallest” members of the family can keep up here, and there’s a 3000-kilometre network of well-signposted, easygoing cycling routes to choose from.

Many of the routes in the Mittelweser region are signposted according to themes offering a particular insight into the region. So you can have an outing into the countryside (Landpartie), visit sites from the region’s golden age (HochZeit-Reise) or explore the waterways and countryside (WasserLand-Weg). On the Achter-Tour, cyclists have the chance to cycle as well as climb aboard the museum railway and the Weser ferry. Take a break for refreshment at a farm café and time enough to enjoy the beauty and intact nature of the Mittelweser region. For longer tours, there’s also ample cyclist-friendly accommodation to be found, including a cyclists’ barn. It goes without saying that bicycles are also available for hire. And should you ever get “that flat feeling”, you’ll find a repair service is never far away.


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