Cultural Institutions and Museums

in Hann. Münden

The Town Museum in Welfenschloss Castle

The museum is well worth a visit alone for the products the Hanstein family manufactured at its faience factory in Münden (1753-1854), which was famous for splendid net-patterned vases. But you will also find exhibits illuminating the town’s history, foreign trade, road, rail and sea transport links, the works and life of sculptor Gustav Eberlein and also the town’s archaeology. The museum hosts regular special exhibitions.

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Labour Museum inside the Hagelturm

Because of the lead shot that used to plummet from the top of the nearly 40-meter-high Ferry Gate Tower – belonging to the mediaeval fortifications – the tower was given a new name: Hagelturm – or “Hail Tower.” In the early industrial process of shot making, lead was melted high up in the tower chamber and then poured through a sieve, so that the drops of lead fell like hail. Exhibits at the Labour Museum include the old shot production unit with all the devices and machinery it involved and a film depicting the early production process.

Steinrode Mediaeval Village

In the mediaeval village of Steinrode, about 8km from Hann. Münden, children and teenagers can get a taste of village life and gain an insight into how farmers and craftsmen lived back in the Middle Ages. The kids can try their hand at baking bread in a clay oven, preparing mediaeval fare over an open fire as well as a variety of ancient crafts, such as carving, felting, whetting, pottery and clay building. The children learn how difficult it is to obtain the necessary raw materials for daily survival in the simplest living conditions. This experience strengthens their environmental competence and helps the children to be more open in their attitudes. The mediaeval village stages various special events throughout the year, for instance, a spring or summer festival. It can also be booked for individual group visits.

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