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Culinary delights in the capitol of kale

enlarge the curly kale academy

the curly kale academy
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the curly kale academy

Gourmets will find that they are truly spoilt for choice in Oldenburg. The culinary choice is like the city itself: varied, multifaceted and astounding. And most definitely inviting. Naturally, you’ll find the regional speciality “Grünkohl” – curly kale – on many menus. Affectionately known as Oldenburger Palm, the tasty vegetable is traditionally served here with a type of sausage called “Pinkel” – made with onions, oatmeal and fresh smoked ham. A classic winter dish, which is served from October to March. A popular gift to take back home is a jar of homemade local mustard, available in many different varieties from the Oldenburger Senfonie. Another local speciality is the “Oldenburger Pulvertürmchen“, a marzipan-based truffle shaped like the historic powder tower, the last remaining building of the former city fortifications, or the "Oldenburger Torfsoden”, chocolate gingerbread biscuits which pay homage to the city and the Oldenburg region. “Torfsoden”, a historical term from peat-cutting – an industry that was typical for North-Western Germany – is what the pieces of peat cut from the raised bogs were called.


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