Crossing borders

excursions into the neighbouring Netherlands

enlarge Monastery complex in Wietmarschen

Monastery complex in Wietmarschen
© Grafschaft Bentheim Tourismus / Anja Koch

Monastery complex in Wietmarschen

Grafschaft Bentheim is located right on the Dutch border, so why not include an excursion to the Netherlands in your holiday plans? Day trips, shopping trips on the “other side of the border” or a visit to one of the typical Dutch famers’ markets will give you a taste of the flair of Germany’s neighbour.

As the Dutch love cycling almost as much as the inhabitants of Grafschaft Bentheim, the German cycle paths link seamlessly to the Dutch network of “Fietspade”. Cyclists can cross the border without even noticing and may suddenly find themselves in one of the typically charming little Dutch towns just the other side of the border.


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