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Historical highlights in the City of the Guelphs

enlarge Quadriga at the residential palace Brunswick

Quadriga at the residential palace Brunswick
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Quadriga at the residential palace Brunswick

Mediaeval city, Henry the Lion chose Brunswick as his royal seat. In 1671 Brunswick was made the capital and royal seat of the state of Brunswick. Brunswick’s traditional role as a city of trade is anchored in its membership of the Hanseatic League from the 13th to the 17th century. The East-West trading route still forms the backbone of the shopping area.

The city grew up from five separate smaller towns during the middle ages. This structure can still be recognized today from the many squares, lined by churches and the former local Town Hall. The Burgplatz, with St. Blasii cathedral, Dankwarderode castle and the lion statue, is the most important square in the city. The rich history and the numerous art and cultural treasures, such as the Herzog Anton Ulrich museum, one of the oldest museums in Europe, mark the city’s cultural image.


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