Cities in Lower Saxony

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enlarge Wolfsburg Castle

Wolfsburg Castle
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Wolfsburg Castle

What makes the cities of Lower Saxony so unique? Everything! There is so much diversity to discover ranging from the North Sea across the moors to the far reaches of the Harz, yet these cities all have much in common: Each one of them has something special to offer. Be captivated by the romantic charm of the historical old city quarters, experience the colourful hustle and bustle of the metropolises of Lower Saxony and immerse yourself in the blue diversity of the maritime harbour cities. No doubt everything there is to discover will come as a surprise: UNESCO world heritage sites in the midst of lively towns, products renowned around the globe with only very few in the know that they are in fact “Made in Niedersachsen” and the fascinating architecture of places where you never expected to find such gems – and where you would now be happy to linger longer, even spend a few days. Has this sparked your curiosity? Then come and see for yourself...



The state capital on the River Leine

Few big cities offer such a wide and varied choice of attractive leisure activities as Hannover, the state capital of Lower Saxony. read more

Brunswick's historic center market square in the evening


Braunschweig - City of the Guelphs

With a population of around 250,000 it is the biggest city between Hannover and Berlin. Guelph Duke Henry the Lion made Brunswick his royal capital in the 12th more

Ducal palace in Celle

The ducal town of Celle

Picturesque – Historic – Vibrant

Celle effortless bridges this gap between tradition and modernity. Almost 500 meticulously restored and listed half-timbered buildings form the biggest more

Museum of Art in Emden


Seaport town Emden

The seaport town of Emden is attractive and endearing, traditional and open-minded, entertaining and sporting, natural and green. The economic and more

The Peter street in the historic center of Goslar


Vibrant 1000 year-old Harz region history

The ancient city of Goslar with its historic fl air and cultural treasures is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and is ideally located right in front of the Harz more

Geese Girl - landmark of Göttingen on the market well in front of the old city hall


A university city rich in tradition and quality of life

Göttingen – the city of science, the university city, the student city, the city of Gauss and Lichtenberg. Far beyond its borders, however, Göttingen is also more

Confluence of the Werra river and Fulda

Hann. Münden

Three River City

At the point where the rivers Werra and Fulda join to form the river Weser, beautifully situated among hills and forests lies Hann. Münden read more

The St. Andrew's Church in Hildesheim


Rich historical and cultural heritage

Hildesheim, located 30 kilometres south of Hannover has plenty to offer in terms of tourism: The city is particularly famous for its churches... read more

City Hall in Lingen


Discover the town of the ‘Kivelinge’

Lingen is the largest town in Emsland. The lively town centre is perfect for a spot of shopping, and the museum and art gallery are not far away. The cafés on more

Views of the Lüneburg water quarter


A vibrant Hanse city built on salt

Over 1,050 years old, the city between Hamburg and Hannover is one of the most fascinating cities in North Germany. Its historic Brick Gothic architecture stands more

Oldenburg State Theatre


The city of the day after tomorrow

Welcoming, likeable and cosmopolitan, honest, authentic and tradition conscious: With a population of more than 160 000, an energetic commercial sector and a unique more

Pied Piper of Hameln


The Pied Piper and river cruises on the Weser

Hameln, the pearl of the region Weserbergland and home of the mysterious legend of the Pied Piper, is located roughly 45 kilometres to the south of more

View of Osnabrück - the city of peace


The "City of Peace" surrounded by a nature reserve

Together with Münster, Osnabrück was the venue of the Peace of Westphalia, which was proclaimed from the steps of the Town Hall in 1648. The peace agreement... read more

Gable of a half-timbered house in Verden on the Aller


Welcome to the horseman´s town

Verden is a small town located in the heart of Lower Saxony, in the middle of the triangle between Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover. read more

Brigg Friederike with the city hall of Papenburg


The seaport and inland port

Papenburg is the oldest and longest fenland colony (moorland settlement) in Germany, and was founded in Dutch style. Papenburg is known for its fantastic more

Fish market in Stade


A breath of fresh air in the north

Where once ships were unloaded, goods were weighed and duties paid, waiting to continue their journey, is now home to small specialist shops, cosy pubs and more

Wine cellar Südheide Gifhorn


The Town of mills

Gifhorn, knows as the Town of Mills, is situated in the southern part of the Lüneburger Heide heathlands. read more

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bridge in Wilhelmshaven


Harbour atmosphere at it's best

A harbour atmosphere at its best, big city living and maritime attractions – the North Sea city of Wilhelmshaven located on the southern Jadebusen bay has far more more

Wolfenbüttel Castle


The Guelphs’ Residence and home to Jägermeister

The former official residence of the Guelph court, a lively halftimbered town between the Lüneburg Heath und the Harz mountains. read more

Wolfsburg by night


Autostadt and Science Center

The young and hospitable city on the Mittelland Canal is synonymous with tradition and all things modern and will whet your appetite for adventure read more