castles, forts, parks and gardens. Travel back in time to the Royal Route in Niedersachsen (EN)

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cover of the magazine castles, forts, parks and gardens
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cover of the castles, forts, parks and gardens

Take a journey through time and experience magnificent castles and proud forts. The many grand estates and residences of Niedersachsen awaken dreams of splendid celebrations, heroic deeds and exuberant banquets. Pass through the stone portals and find yourself transported back to a bygone era. Once upon a time, beautiful maidens in the palaces were consumed with longing for their paramours and wicked rogues in the castles planned their dastardly deeds. Today, these magnificent buildings offer a wealth of possibilities, provide overnight accommodation and great events in a historical ambience. Visitors can have an entertaining time and unforgettable experiences behind the thick walls, in the princely halls, the ladies’ chambers or the castle courtyards. Don’t just take our word for it – embark on your own journey through time!

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