Brunswick Zoo

"World Tour" through the fauna

enlarge Baby goat at the Brunswick Zoo

Baby goat at the Brunswick Zoo
© "Arche Noah" Zoo Braunschweig

Baby goat at the Brunswick Zoo

Zoo Brunswick - Visit to the "Noah's Ark"

Watch vibrant Oriental small-clawed otter in one of the largest plants in Germany for this kind of animal, you can admire the suppleness of the cheetahs and see in the eye of an Siberian tiger. Or just relax with a stroll through the well-kept park. In the zoo of Brunswick more than 300 animals from 50 different species find their place.

Essehof Zoo

In the neighboring Essehof zoo the visitor gets an insight into the fauna of other continents. In a scenic location edge of the forest area, you find a like-scale biotope zoo. Be amazed by rare native breeds of domestic animals such as the Racka. Enjoy the bustle of the raccoons and see kangaroos up close in the walkableAustralia investment. Unique in northern Germany: the water trail with underwater station where you stands 3 m below the water surface.


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