Breathe deeply in Lower Saxony

Good for your respiratory passages

enlarge Salzgrotte in Bad Rothenfelde

Salzgrotte in Bad Rothenfelde
© SalzGrotte Bad Rothenfelde/Herr Labryga

Salzgrotte in Bad Rothenfelde

For many suffering from respiratory diseases, the healthy bracing climate of the North Sea in Lower Saxony is the first address people come to inorder to seek a cure. Sometimes, roads do not always lead to the ocean for a bracing sea climate but to the middle of Lower Saxony!

Also inland you can enjoy the soothing, salty air. In many places there are the so-called “Salt Caverns” that mimic the bracing climate of the North Sea close to perfection. Through the several tons of various salts and the support of a small graduation tower (Thorn House), this very special microclimate is created.

Graduation towers (Thorn Houses) were formerly plants for salt production (extraction), which are now used mostly for the purpose of curative treatment. The salty brine trickling down through the air has a similar positive effect on the respiratory system as the sea air. Being the longest graduation tower plant in Western Europe, it does not only look very impressive from outside in Bad Rothenfelde, but even more so from the inside: The 80-meter long inhalation passage is a real attraction! One can get close to the construction of the plant in the demonstration corridor and from the spicy smell of the woods, the gentle trickling of the brine and the dense fog in the inhalation chamber you get an intense experience for all the senses.

Bad Pyrmont offers a unique natural phenomenon in Germany: Here, CO2 gas escapes into the vapour cavern. The gas penetrates through cracks to the surface. It "wafts" about, because of its density, only on the pit floor and wows visitors by its strange behaviour. During opening times, you will be convinced of the circulation-promoting effect of CO2 gas, which also has a positive effect on allergic diseases such as asthma.

You can also go on a “holiday for the lungs” in the Harz Mountains. Imagine you are curled up in a warm sleeping bag on a camp bed, and this all underground. In the Heilstollen in Bad Grund, visitors will discover the cleanest air without dust in the individual therapy and treatment stations in Northern Germany. Here you can quite freely breathe deeply.

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