Bomann-Museum Celle

enlarge View of the Bomann museum in Celle

View of the Bomann museum in Celle
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View of the Bomann museum in Celle

Situated right opposite Celle Castle, the Bomann Museum is one of the biggest and most important museums in Niedersachsen. Founded in 1892 as a “Fatherland Museum” and named after its first director Wilhelm Bomann, its collections trace the cultural history of eastern Niedersachsen, Celle’s town history and the history of the state of Hannover.

19th-century Niedersachsen brought to life

A highlight of the Bomann Museum is the fully furnished recreations of 19th-century interiors, including an entire Niedersachsen farmhouse and the living quarters and kitchen of a typical middle-class house. The newly designed permanent exhibitions provide insights into city life in the 19th century, and the museum is also home to one of the most beautiful textile collections in northern Germany.

Eberhard Schlotter Foundation and Tansey Collection of Miniatures

The Eberhard Schlotter Foundation Celle and the Tansey Collection of Miniatures are attached to the museum. The museum’s education department offers a broad programme of events for visitors of all ages. There are also a café and pretty courtyards, which provide a perfect backdrop for special events.

Hall of Honour of the Hanoverian Army

An important monument and part of the original museum structure is the Hall of Honour of the Hanoverian Army, which was restored to its former glory in the 1980s. The vestibule contains a small exhibition on military and Hanoverian history, subjects that can be explored in more depth in the Military History department of the Bomann Museum and in the neighbouring Residenzmuseum in Celle Castle.



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