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Discover one of Europe’s most untouched and interesting landscapes


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The Lower Saxony Elbe Valley Biosphere Reserve and the Elbhöhen-Wendland Nature Park provide protection for an extraordinary biotope.

Discover one of Europe’s most untouched and interesting landscapes in a fascinating and entertaining way. Schloss Blekede is home to a one-off exhibition with an aquarium landscape and beaver’s lodge, offering a unique opportunity to get to know this unspoilt landscape. Extending to more than 1,000m², the exhibition includes a wind machine, flood model, birdsong piano, the great eel journey, films, multimedia attractions and much more for young and old to try out, learn and get involved.


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The exhibition rooms are fully accessible and additional tours are offered for people with cognitive disabilities. You can also use the Biosphaerium Elbtalaue as the starting point for interesting excursions and trips in the great outdoors, e.g. on the nearby Elberadweg cycle route or on an accessible boat trip on the Elbe river.


More information: The Elbe Valley – a near-natural landscape with a rich diversity of species


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