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enlarge Riding in the Südsee-Camp Wietzendorf

Riding in the Südsee-Camp Wietzendorf
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Riding in the Südsee-Camp Wietzendorf

Out in the countryside all day on horseback, a hearty meal in the evening and then off to bed. There are all sorts of possibilities for holidays with your horse in Lower Saxony. Accommodation for horse lovers ranges from luxury accommodation to hay hotels. The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Freizeit auf dem Lande (Holiday and Leisure Time in the Countryside Association) has brought out a brochure entitled "Bett & Box“ (Bed and horsebox). It lists all the riding stables where you can holiday with your horse.

On the internet, as well as bed and horsebox operators, riding fans will find useful and comprehensive information concerning holidays on horseback. There's a riding navigator with which you can look at suggestions for tours on interactive maps and download them for GPS navigation devices. The portal also has an overview of rest stops, rideable roads and paths and details of farriers and vets. If you're thinking of taking your next holiday on horseback, you'll find a large selection of all-in holidays. You can also book last minute holidays at excellent prices.


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