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The “Travel for all” certification system

TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen (TMN) has been implementing the standardised Germany-wide certification and labelling system “Travel for all” since 2015. Together with the project sponsor the German Seminar for Tourism (DSFT) and in cooperation with Tourismus für Alle Deutschland e.V. (NatKo), the TMN is implementing this certification in consultation with disabled associations. The “Travel for all” system allows the entire accessible service chain to be recorded for the first time – from the information gathered before starting a trip to the tourist information and the restaurant, hotel or museum itself. 

The “Travel for all” labelling system gives travellers reliable, detailed and verified information on accessibility, so that they can decide for themselves whether the services offer them what they need.








The facilities recorded in the system can achieve one of three labelling levels:

Information level:

The business has considered the issue of accessibility and been visited by a trained external inspector. At least one member of staff has completed online or face-to-face training as part of the certification. Reliable information regarding the specific needs of people with disabilities is available.

Accessibility verified – partially accessible: Level 1

In addition to the conditions of the information level, the recording of the business carrying this signet has shown that the services offered are partially accessible for at least one group of disabled people (e.g. those with difficulties walking, wheelchair users, the deaf or blind). This means that the width of a door might not be sufficient for some wheelchairs.

Accessibility verified – accessible: Level 2

Further quality conditions must be met in addition to the conditions for “partially accessible”. An example of the differences between the two levels is that Level 1 “partially accessible” (in turn see the example of wheelchair-accessible) only requires a door width of at least 70 cm. For Level 2 “accessible”, there must be 120 x 120 cm of turning space in front of the reception desk of a hotel, for example.

You can find more detailed information on the requirements of the “Travel for all” labelling and certification system on the following websites: (German)











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