Bad Pyrmont Castle

An island of culture in the heart of the city

enlarge Aerial View Pyrmont Castle

Aerial View Pyrmont Castle
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Aerial View Pyrmont Castle

Bad Pyrmont Castle, a Baroque summerresidence, is a fortress complete with moat, ramparts, casements and corner bastions (open daily from 10.00 am – 9.45 pm). The castle grounds are the cultural heart of the ancient city of Bad Pyrmont, a spa resort steeped in tradition.

The museum tells the 2000-year history of the Pyrmont springs and the spa’s famous guests, who included Tsar Peter the Great, Frederick the Great, Queen Louise and Goethe.

The Culture Island is also renowned for the many events that are held in the castle courtyards, which form a perfect backdrop for all kinds of open air events.


Bad Pyrmont Castle

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