Along the Elbdeich dykes

enlarge Sand at the river Elbe

Sand at the river Elbe
© Tourismusverband Landkreis Stade / Elsen

Sand at the river Elbe

Whether it’s high or low tide – the view from the dykes across the River Elbe is always fascinating and always different. Sometimes the river will seem like a deep blue ribbon snaking its way through the countryside, sometimes the evening sun transforms it into liquid gold. There are observation towers along the Elbe, for instance in Freiburg on the Allwördener Deich or in Wischhafen where the ferry docks. The big ships are a spectacular sight; some of the bright orange lifeboats you can see on board the ocean-going giants may have been built in a small boatyard in Krautsand. Some days, you can catch a glimpse of one of the last fishermen on the Elbe. You can buy fresh fish in a shop in Wisch just behind the dyke. But you don’t have to set sail to enjoy the maritime flair here; you can also enjoy the maritime character of the region during a short walk along the dykes, past lighthouses and old captains’ houses. As you walk along the Lühe, you can catch sight of the Hogendiekbrücke bridge in Steinkirchen, a magnificent example of Dutch architecture.


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