Activities to Discover in the Osnabrücker Land

Swingolf, Barefoot Walking and Trolley Rides

enlarge Tee in at Swing Golf

Tee in at Swing Golf
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Tee in at Swing Golf

There are hosts of new activities to be discovered in Osnabrücker Land, for instance, an exciting ride on a railway trolley. On the disused railway tracks between Quakenbrück and Nortrup, you can hire both hand pump trolleys and rail bikes; but be prepared for some hard pedalling if you want to cover any distance!

Fancy a spot of archery? With a little bit of practice, you could soon be scoring a bulls-eye at the Groneick farm holiday park in Gehrde. Or perhaps a round of “swingolf” at Gut Vehr in Quakenbrück?

Concentration and a good eye are the main things in this more casual form of golf, where beginners especially can take a real swing at teeing off properly. Kuhlhof Bippen also has a host of activities to delight young and old alike, including a barefoot trail, water fun park and baking home-made bread in a brick oven.

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